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Winter Travel Report | Cabin Vacation Rental Trends

The interior of a winter travel cabin in Colorado.

With places like Colorado on the map, the best vacations aren’t always during the summer. Each year, noticeable trends emerge, leading to pivotal opportunities. While some developments may be fads or outliers, it’s still essential to consider them. One type of accommodation is undoubtedly more prevalent during the winter months: cabins.

Why Winter Cabin Rentals?

If you’ve ever had a chance to stay at a cabin during the winter—especially in the mountains—you’ll quickly understand the appeal to travelers. Nostalgia and new experiences are a winning combination for creating the perfect vacation, getaway, or retreat. Everyone knows holidays like Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and Christmas are popular times to book a stay. But other winter holidays like Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day pose another opportunity for those hoping to have a little more fun before the snow melts.

For some, the thought of a cabin may conjure visions of a one-room dwelling with nothing to heat it besides a fireplace. These days, it seems the only thing that makes a cabin a cabin is the rural setting. And that’s good news for short-term property owners. These rustic accommodations need not be small log hideaways to classify as a cabin, meaning you can garner more looks with another description at your disposal. Here are five trends to think about during winter when deciding what to emphasize in your listing.

  • January is still the most popular time to book a cabin vacation, as evidenced by a spike in searches to start the year. Travel resolutions play a significant role in this trend.
  • Guests booked for more than 20 percent longer this winter than last year. People have grown accustomed to extended stays.
  • In addition to longer visits, guests are also booking larger cabins that can accommodate more people. Multi-family vacations and group outings increased by over 30 percent compared to last year.
  • Thanks to remote work and company holidays, people are checking in earlier and leaving later. Think about it. If an employer or business allows a day off on Friday and Monday, why not maximize a getaway by strategically using vacation pay?
  • Vacationers are seemingly enticed by unique lodging options such as The Fox A-Frame. Sometimes even just having a unique name is enough to catch a potential guest’s eye.

Something More than a Property Management Company

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