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Effortless Rental Group, CLARA & Denver’s Mile High Hosts push for change in SB33

In the dynamic landscape of the vacation rental market, regulations play a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future. Recent legislative developments in Denver have stirred significant concern among property owners and rental agencies. A prominent player in this unfolding scenario is Effortless Rental Group, a leading property management company that has joined forces with Denver’s Mile High Host group. Together, they are advocating for fair regulatory amendments to Senate Bill 33 (SB33), which currently proposes substantial changes that could have far-reaching impacts on vacation rental businesses.

Understanding the Proposed Changes in SB33

The original iteration of SB33 has raised eyebrows across the vacation rental community due to its proposal of a staggering 400% property tax increase on properties that exceed 90 nights of occupancy in a year. This measure is seen as a punitive approach that could severely affect the profitability and operational viability of vacation rental properties. Such a drastic increase in taxation not only threatens the business model of companies like Effortless Rental Group but also impacts individual property owners who rely on rental income.

The Impact of the Current Proposal

The implications of such a tax increase are multifaceted. For one, it could lead to a significant reduction in the number of available vacation rentals, which would, in turn, decrease the lodging options for tourists and affect local tourism revenue. Furthermore, property owners might be dissuaded from entering the vacation rental market, thereby affecting the overall supply and economic dynamics within the community.

Effortless Rental Group and Mile High Host Group’s Advocacy for Amendments

In response to the proposed changes, Effortless Rental Group, alongside the Mile High Host Group—a collective of concerned hosts and property managers in Denver—has been actively involved in discussions and lobbying efforts to push for more balanced regulations. Their advocacy focuses on highlighting the economic contributions of vacation rentals to the local economy, including job creation, tourism, and support for local businesses.

The groups are not merely opposing the tax increase but are also proposing alternative amendments that would ensure fair treatment for all stakeholders involved. One such amendment being considered is the prohibition of converting hotels into vacation rental properties. This move aims to protect the existing hotel industry while also addressing concerns about the oversaturation of vacation rentals in certain areas.

The Role of Stakeholder Engagement and Public Opinion

Effortless Rental Group and the Mile High Host Group are also engaging with various stakeholders, including local businesses, tourism boards, and community leaders, to garner support for their cause. Public opinion is another crucial front in their advocacy efforts. By informing and educating the public about the potential negative impacts of the proposed tax increase, they aim to foster a broader understanding and push for a more equitable legislative framework.

The Path Forward

As discussions continue and the legislative process unfolds, Effortless Rental Group and Mile High Host Group remain committed to providing updates and staying at the forefront of advocacy efforts. While the official language of the proposed amendments is still pending, the groups are preparing to respond and adapt their strategies based on the final provisions.

Get Involved!

The involvement of Effortless Rental Group and Denver’s Mile High Host Group in the legislative process exemplifies the importance of active participation and advocacy in shaping policies that impact business and community interests. As they continue to push for amendments to SB33, their efforts highlight the critical balance between regulation and support for economic growth. Stakeholders in the vacation rental industry and beyond will be watching closely as these developments unfold, hopeful for a resolution that supports sustainable business practices and promotes a thriving local economy.

This ongoing situation serves as a reminder of the complex interplay between business interests and regulatory frameworks, underscoring the need for thoughtful and inclusive policymaking that considers the diverse impacts on all community members.

About Effortless Rental Group:

Effortless Rental Group is a leading name in the real estate and property management industry, committed to providing unparalleled service to property owners and guests. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction, Effortless Rental Group aims to redefine the property management experience.

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Proposed state law – increased taxes for vacation rental owners in Steamboat Springs

Navigating Change: How Proposed State Law Might Impact Short-Term Rental Owners in Steamboat Springs

In the enchanting town of Steamboat Springs, short-term rental owners may soon face a potential shift in their tax obligations. A recently proposed state law is causing a stir in the local community, sparking conversations about the implications it may have on short-term rental operations. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of the proposed legislation and explore how it could add to the tax burden of short-term rental owners in Steamboat Springs.

Understanding the Proposed State Law:

The proposed state law aims to introduce changes in the tax structure for short-term rentals, impacting property owners and managers in Steamboat Springs. According to the Steamboat Pilot & Today article, the legislation could require short-term rental platforms to collect and remit state sales taxes on behalf of property owners.

It is not just property owners who could feel the effect of the proposed legislation. Taylor Hills founded the effortless rental group with his best friend in 2015 and said the bill would likely impact their operations and the local economies they serve.

The firm, which offers a turn-key management solution for property owners who rent their homes on a short-term basis, initially focused on the Denver market before expanding to the Western Slope. Today the company contracts with a property in Steamboat and more than 30 properties in Summit and Eagle counties.

“When you combine the taxes that are already in place in most resort towns or towns around the state of Colorado and then you add this additional property tax, it just doesn’t leave enough revenue for owners,” said Hills.

“Local municipalities are already taking a huge percentage,” Hills said. “So, you have the local municipalities that are squeezing the lemon, and then you have that state that is coming to squeeze the lemon as well, and it just doesn’t pencil out anymore for property owners.”

“The tax is going to be passed on to the guests no matter what,” he added.

Steamboat Pilot – Article

Potential Implications for Short-Term Rental Owners:

If the proposed law comes into effect, short-term rental owners in Steamboat Springs may find themselves navigating a more complex tax landscape. Currently, many property owners are responsible for managing their own taxes, including state sales taxes. The proposed changes could shift this responsibility to the short-term rental platforms, potentially affecting how owners handle their tax reporting and compliance.

Increased Administrative Burden:

One of the main concerns highlighted in the article is the potential increase in administrative burden for short-term rental owners. With the new law, owners may need to adapt to changes in the tax collection process, relying on the platforms to handle these transactions. This shift could have implications for the time and resources owners allocate to manage their rental properties effectively.

Strategies for Short-Term Rental Owners:

While the proposed state law may bring about changes, short-term rental owners in Steamboat Springs can take proactive steps to navigate this potential shift in the tax landscape:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep abreast of developments related to the proposed law, ensuring a clear understanding of how it may impact your specific situation.
  2. Engage with Platforms: If the law passes, engage with the short-term rental platforms you use to understand how they plan to implement the changes and whether they will offer support in managing the increased tax responsibilities.
  3. Consult with Professionals: Seek advice from tax professionals familiar with short-term rental regulations. They can provide guidance on adapting to any changes in tax obligations and help ensure compliance.

Change is on the horizon for short-term rental owners in Steamboat Springs, with a proposed state law potentially altering the way taxes are handled. While uncertainties loom, staying informed, engaging with platforms, and seeking professional advice can empower short-term rental owners to navigate this potential shift effectively. As the community awaits the outcome of the proposed legislation, proactive measures can help ensure a smoother transition if the law comes into effect.

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What to Know About Short-Term Rental Insurance in Colorado

An image of someone holding a small model house representing the protection of short term rental insurance.

On the surface, short-term rental insurance protects property owners who rent out their homes, apartments, or rooms to guests, typically through platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, or vacation rental management company sites like Effortless Rental Group. While it’s evident that this type of insurance provides coverage for potential risks and liabilities associated with short-term rentals, many questions may remain unanswered when looking at your options.

Today, we’ll share some critical points about short-term rental insurance in Colorado.


Short-term rental insurance typically includes property damage, liability, and loss of income coverage. It protects against damages caused by guests, such as accidental damage, theft, vandalism, or fire. On the other hand, liability coverage is vital if a guest gets injured on the property and files a lawsuit. Finally, loss of income coverage reimburses the property owner for lost rental income due to covered perils that make the property uninhabitable.

Requirements and Host Compliance

Sometimes, the platform through which you rent your property may require short-term rental insurance. For example, Airbnb’s host liability insurance offers liability coverage for hosts in the United States and other eligible countries. Furthermore, compliance with local laws and regulations related to short-term rentals is essential. Some municipalities may have specific requirements, such as obtaining a business license or short-term rental permit, and failure to comply could impact your insurance coverage.

Policy Types, Limits, and Deductibles 

Different insurance policies are available for short-term rentals, including standalone policies specifically designed for short-term rentals and endorsement options that can be added to an existing homeowner’s insurance policy. It’s critical to carefully review the policy terms and coverage to ensure it meets your specific needs.

Each insurance policy will have its own coverage limits and deductibles. Coverage limits refer to the maximum amount the insurance company will pay out for covered damages or losses. Deductibles are the amount the property owner is responsible for paying out of pocket before the insurance coverage kicks in.

Additional Considerations 

When shopping for short-term rental insurance, consider factors like the location and condition of your property, the number of guests you typically accommodate, and any additional amenities or services you offer. These factors can affect the cost and coverage options available to you.

Your Trusted Vacation Rental Management Team in Colorado

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To get accurate and up-to-date information on short-term rental insurance in Colorado, it’s recommended to consult with insurance providers specializing in this type of coverage. They can provide personalized advice and policy options based on your specific circumstances and property. Thankfully, the professional team at Effortless Rental Group and its partners are well-versed in the various aspects of property insurance and can help you navigate through uncharted waters. 
Reach out online to discover how we can help you maximize your investment with a no-cost revenue projections report today.

Rules & Regulations

Navigating Short-Term Rental Regulations

A property owner researches local regulations regarding her short-term rental home.

Although legalities can sometimes feel like a burden, following the law is essential to owning a short-term rental property. Counties and municipalities are increasingly watching the vacation rental space; unfortunately, it can be hard to know the various regulations and rule changes. Still, there are many ways to stay up to date and protect your business from fines or losing permits. After all, it’s our responsibility as property owners to ensure our enterprises are legal. Thankfully, there are a few simple ways to better safeguard your investments without hiring a legal team.

Online Research

Legal review used to require a trip to the city administration office and a large cup of coffee, but now you can accomplish this from the comfort of your home or office. One straightforward way to do this is by searching the internet for “vacation rental laws” in your state or city. You can also try going directly to the city or county website. 

Take a Trip to City Hall

Although you can find a wealth of information online, websites aren’t updated in real-time. You’ll want to confirm your findings with a city official familiar with short-term rental properties’ regulations. It’s also not a bad idea to contact officials again via email to create a record of your information gathering so that you have a reference and a history of your interactions.

Stay in the Know

Besides researching and recordkeeping, you can protect your business by staying informed in real-time. Legislation is a dynamic aspect of short-term rental ownership so expect things to change, sometimes without notice. Review city council meetings and keep the zoning officer on speed dial. Some municipalities have email notifications regarding regulation updates, voting results, and agenda updates.

Colorado Vacation Rental Management Solutions

Keeping up with changing laws regarding short-term rentals can feel like a lot to wrap your head around. Thankfully, Effortless Rental Group has the services, resources, and support you need to maximize your investments in an ever-changing industry. To learn more about how we can make it effortless for you, take a look at our services and reach out today!

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Dana Lubner featured on STR Success Stories Podcast

Effortless Rental Group’s very own Dana Lubner was recently featured on STR Success Stories where she had a virtual chat with Julian Sage (of Short Term Sage) about her personal story and how she joined her family to help grow Effortless to what it is today.

Dana also discusses how she was involved in not only growing the business but how to scale at a healthy level while also keeping the quality of the service they wanted to offer for their clients and guests. She talks about how she was able to help Effortless speed past the growing competition in Denver & what it takes to market and brand your short term management company. Dana shares what it is like working in an advocacy group hired by companies like Airbnb & VRBO and their efforts to drive initiatives forward with local regulators.

Check out the full podcast episode with Dana HERE!

Don’t forget to follow Julian and his entire podcast series Short-Term Sage HERE!

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Lubner and Landau – Podcast Series for Vacation Rental Host Advocacy

Dana Lubner and Matt Landau have been strong voices & leaders in the short-term rental industry. Both have been seeking more immediate ways to address current advocacy challenges in the space and drive forward some of the standards showcased in last year’s Good Neighbor Summit; a collaborative event that brought together Denver’s local vacation rental hosts and focused on ways to shape positive reform of unfair short-term rental regulation.

We’re extremely proud that our own Dana Lubner is joining forces with Matt Landau (VRMB) to “shift the narrative” and showcase the good side of the local hosting community. The new podcast will feature vocal participants: from public affairs and policy experts to leading vacation rental managers, as well as neighborhood advocates. The topics covered will be game-changing for the short-term rental industry!

For more information check out Short Term Rentalz post here.

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The Good Neighbors at Effortless Rental Group

Navigating the world of short-term rental regulation and professional management is over overwhelming — trust us, we get it — this is our passion and there are a lot of changes to keep up with, especially during these COVID-times.  

Mackenzie Miller, a Denver based designer and creator of Grow Positive Thoughts reached out to feature Effortless Rental Group on her blog, which is a beautiful collection of topics such as local community, style, environmental sustainability, and culture.

It’s important to know your options when it comes to Airbnb management as trust, confidence, and performance are top priorities to homeowners and guests. In her piece, Miller tells the story of how Effortless Rental Group got started and how the company has grown to value our team and it’s role in the community.

“Our team is proud to be with us. We have a familial vibe. It’s a fun, relaxed culture. The company plays music on a speaker in the office, has dogs at work, takes team outings, and hosts potlucks on the regular.”

To learn more about Effortless Rental Group and it’s involvement on an advocacy level, read the entire Grow Positive Thought’s post here, as it highlights many of the company’s host education processes and standards for the short-term rental industry. If you would like to receive more Denver short-term rental industry news, be sure to sign up for the Mile High Hosts Newsletter.

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We hope you enjoy reading our story.  Make sure to follow Grow Positive Thoughts to read more positive stories happening in our vibrant community.


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Community Outreach – April 2020

Make Your Voice Heard:

3 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard and show how short-term rentals help support our families, jobs, local neighborhood businesses, and the City’s growth.

#1) Attend and speak at the next STRAC meeting:  

There are opportunities for public comment at these meetings and it is important for your voice to be heard.  We will be monitoring how STRAC will be accomodating public comment in the COVID environment and will share what we learn.

Upcoming STRAC (Short-Term Rental Advisory Committee) Meetings:

  • The April STRAC meeting has been canceled
  • Tuesday, June 9
  • Tuesday, August 11
  • Tuesday, October 13
  • Tuesday, December 8

#2) Speak at City Council Meetings:

Denver City Council meetings take place twice a month on the first and third Monday.  Each speaker gets three minutes to speak. All details can be found here.  If you are interested in learning more and getting involved please email The Denver City Council is making decisions week by week during the COVID crises on whether to allow public comment, so please refer to their web page for that information.

#3) Schedule Coffee with your City Council Member:

Email and we will help you schedule a 1:1 appointment with your city council member.  They are happy to meet with you as this is part of their responsibility as representatives of us all. These meetings can be via phone or virtual meetings (e.g. Zoom, Facetime, etc).

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Airbnb Listing Updates – Dos & Don’ts 2020

Airbnb posted an article titled, “It’s a good time to update your listing with these tips” about hosting local and extended stays and some warning about accuracy within the listing.  You can read the full article here.

Eric Moeller summarizes the guidelines below:

DO: Revise your listing title to mention that your space is great for a staycation, as a work-from-home alternative, or for families.

DON’T: Promote your space as “COVID-free” or “quarantine-friendly.” In fact, we’re requiring that hosts remove any mention of “COVID-19,” “the coronavirus,” or “quarantine” in their listing title.

DO: Highlight your enhanced cleaning routine in your listing description. While we won’t allow you to claim that your listing is coronavirus-free, you can share details about your cleaning methods. (Example: “Due to the coronavirus, we’re taking extra care to disinfect frequently touched surfaces between reservations.”)

DON’T: Use shortages of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other essentials as a way to entice guests. (Example: “Escape the coronavirus! Plenty of toilet paper here!”)

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Mile High Hosts & COVID Resources

The Mile High Host community is made up of a wide variety of individuals, from a host renting a room in their house to Realtors wanting to keep up on the latest short-term rental regulations and property managers managing numerous properties throughout the city.  We want to provide resources to help you navigate these rapidly changing times.

Coronavirus Survival Kit for STR Hosts: 

Industry experts, Jasper Ribbers and Eric Moeller have put together a tool kit for individuals hosts.  They gathered tips, tricks, tools and resources to save you time and help your STR business survive.

The kit is designed to help you:

  • Survive and thrive through this crisis
  • Maintain occupancy
  • Stay in business
  • Prepare for the opportunities that will come

This kit is only $7 to download and jam-packed with helpful information and resources.

VRMA COVID-19 Resources:

While VRMA is an organization geared toward the professional short-term rental property manager, they have compiled helpful information and resources to navigate the uncertain time ahead.

Click here to view the massive list of resources they’ve compiled.

Support Local:

When all else fails and you need to blow off some steam, keep in mind that you can support your local restaurants and order cocktails to go.  Westword put together a piece highlighting which restaurants are serving craft cocktails to go. One trend that has emerged from this pandemic is the proliferation of virtual happy hours — we truly are a species that thrives off of human connection.  Cheers!

Here are a handful of additional articles and local resources: