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3 Reasons to List Your Property with Effortless Rental Group

Vacation rental management from Effortless Rental Group.

As Colorado’s most trusted vacation rental management company, Effortless Rental Group goes above and beyond to ensure a maximum return on your investment. But if you’re just starting to wade through the waters of becoming a short-term rental host, you may wonder what makes a reputable company. There are undoubtedly many factors that come into play when deciding who to trust with your property. Maybe you’ve been going at it alone for a while and are ready to “hand over the keys.” Or, perhaps you’ve worked with a vacation rental management company before and are looking for something different. Either way, we want to give you a few reasons to list with us!

In-Depth Property Analytics and High Visibility

Our ability to identify ideal price points is a significant factor allowing us to maximize your profits. We consider external variables such as vacation trends, hotel occupancy, and local events to determine nightly rates that make sense to travelers. And not only do we take the guesswork out of finding competitive yet profitable pricing, but we’ll also post your property on various booking platforms, including our official direct booking vacation rental website, Effortless Stay.

Genuine Turn-Key Service

Although almost all vacation rental management companies claim to offer “full service,” unfortunately, many fall short of their claims. That’s not to say they aren’t primarily good companies run by mostly good people, but let’s be honest. Providing the type of high-touch service that Effortless Rental Group can deliver is challenging. 

When we say we take care of everything, we mean it. You won’t have to lift a finger from digital toolsets that track cleanliness to proven marketing strategies and professional photography. So whether it’s managing guest correspondence, determining the best prices, or the most crucial aspects like cleaning, maintenance, and inventory, we’ll give you the peace of mind of knowing you can trust us to manage everything 24/7.

Unrivaled Guest Services and Concierge

Guest-ready interior designs, household essentials, and valuable local business partnerships are just a few things your guests will appreciate. Moreover, we offer priceless amenities like contactless check-ins, professional cleaning services, luxury bath products, and premier linens and towels. Needless to say, your guests will stay comfortably and leave happy.

Reinventing Vacation Rental Management

Our team of short-term rental experts is dedicated to giving you and your guests the best rental experience possible. Still, the only way for us to show you is for us to connect for an evaluation! Check out our FAQ page to learn more about what Effortless Rental Group can do for you and your vacation rental property, or give us a call at 720-475-1486 today! How much could your property earn?

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Winter Travel Report | Cabin Vacation Rental Trends

The interior of a winter travel cabin in Colorado.

With places like Colorado on the map, the best vacations aren’t always during the summer. Each year, noticeable trends emerge, leading to pivotal opportunities. While some developments may be fads or outliers, it’s still essential to consider them. One type of accommodation is undoubtedly more prevalent during the winter months: cabins.

Why Winter Cabin Rentals?

If you’ve ever had a chance to stay at a cabin during the winter—especially in the mountains—you’ll quickly understand the appeal to travelers. Nostalgia and new experiences are a winning combination for creating the perfect vacation, getaway, or retreat. Everyone knows holidays like Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and Christmas are popular times to book a stay. But other winter holidays like Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day pose another opportunity for those hoping to have a little more fun before the snow melts.

For some, the thought of a cabin may conjure visions of a one-room dwelling with nothing to heat it besides a fireplace. These days, it seems the only thing that makes a cabin a cabin is the rural setting. And that’s good news for short-term property owners. These rustic accommodations need not be small log hideaways to classify as a cabin, meaning you can garner more looks with another description at your disposal. Here are five trends to think about during winter when deciding what to emphasize in your listing.

  • January is still the most popular time to book a cabin vacation, as evidenced by a spike in searches to start the year. Travel resolutions play a significant role in this trend.
  • Guests booked for more than 20 percent longer this winter than last year. People have grown accustomed to extended stays.
  • In addition to longer visits, guests are also booking larger cabins that can accommodate more people. Multi-family vacations and group outings increased by over 30 percent compared to last year.
  • Thanks to remote work and company holidays, people are checking in earlier and leaving later. Think about it. If an employer or business allows a day off on Friday and Monday, why not maximize a getaway by strategically using vacation pay?
  • Vacationers are seemingly enticed by unique lodging options such as The Fox A-Frame. Sometimes even just having a unique name is enough to catch a potential guest’s eye.

Something More than a Property Management Company

When you partner with Effortless Rental Group, you can have peace of mind in knowing you’re getting more than just a property management company. Not only do we provide top-tier service, but we’re also always keeping our ears to the ground when it comes to the latest trends and developments in the short-term rental space. Our goals start with going above and beyond to give you the highest return on your investment. Check out our services page to find out more, and don’t hesitate to reach out when you’re ready to list your property!

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3 Crucial Concerns for Short-Term Renting During Large Events

A group of vacationers have a casual get together at a short-term rental during a national event.

Massive events significantly impact short-term rental owners in an age when many consumers value experiences over possessions. Conventions, sports championships, and even natural phenomena like meteor showers and the northern lights are a huge draw for those hoping to witness something unforgettable. As such, it’s not a bad idea to pause to reflect on some of the things we need to consider when playing host to various enthusiasts.

Uphold Your Standards

Over the last decade, short-term rental owners and management teams have become highly professional. No longer are the days of posting a property online to lure would-be guests. With this newfound respectability, guests expect a higher standard—as they should. 

Maintaining a high level of quality and high-touch service is critical for every aspect of the guest experience, from bedding to amenities. Just because we allow people to hold gatherings doesn’t mean we’re providing a party house.

Set Firm Rules

Setting firm boundaries goes hand in hand with upholding high standards. Still, if you aren’t making those rules apparent, you’ll be sharing the blame for anything that may go wrong. Communicating the house rules is imperative for your property’s and guests’ safety. Make sure everyone reads and understands the regulations before stepping into the home.

Love Thy Neighbor

Rules and standards aren’t just for your benefit but also your neighbors. Large-ish gatherings can lead to elevated noise; understandably, the neighbors might be opposed to such an environment. Depending on your situation, providing your contact information for those living directly adjacent to the property might be beneficial. 

Let your neighbors know what you have in place to prevent an adverse situation and how you’ll take care of one if it arises. A noise monitor can help prevent things from escalating to a call from the neighbor.

Short-Term Rental Management by Effortless Rental Group

Being assertive about the standards of your property doesn’t mean you’re a killjoy. After all, a positive guest experience is paramount to our success. Still, protecting your business and your guests from an unnecessary mishap is an effective way to ensure the desired outcome for everyone. 

When you entrust your property with Effortless Rental Group, we’ll reinforce your standards and take the busy work out of ownership. Our hands-on approach is second to none, and we pride ourselves on delivering excellence to guests and owners alike.

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Bootsy’s Basecamp – A New Vacation Rental Property in Breckenridge

If you’re wondering where to stay in Breckenridge – look no further.  Bootsy’s Basecamp is the latest Breckenridge luxury house rental managed by Effortless Rental Group.

Nothing revitalizes the soul quite like a relaxing escape – this 5 bedroom/5 bathroom property is the perfect place to do just that. 

From the start of the onboarding process, we knew this home’s transformation from what it was to what it is would be special to witness. 

This luxury wilderness retreat in the mountains is filled with reminders of the creativity and intention that were put into every decision when getting guest-ready. 

The interior design’s cowboy meets chic allure pays homage to the home’s namesake, Bootsy (the owner’s grandmother.) Intentionally designed to foster togetherness. 

Whether you are looking to host a getaway with your gals or a retreat weekend, the space welcomes you in and wraps you up in its warmth. 

Family-friendly features, like a bunkroom with children’s books and toys, is bound to make this a repeat destination where memories are made amongst the alpenglow

With only a 30 second walk between you and the only private access gondola in town, this ski-in/ski-out home is a shredder’s dream. It also backs up to the largest cross country ski trail network in the United States. 

When your day under the modern sky is done, coming back to the basecamp means your adventure never has to end. With a hot tub, record player and vinyl collection, and Apple TV, you get to choose your own adventure in the evening. 

What are you waiting for? Book your stay at Bootsy’s Basecamp today. 

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Cantina Loca at Zuni Street Lofts – NOW OPEN!

Cantina Loca at Zuni Lofts is now open!

Zuni Street Lofts just got a little more loca. That’s right – the highly anticipated Cantina Loca is open and ready to rock your boca with its authentic Mexico City street food, mezcal, and tequila.

Putting the loca in local, chef Dana Rodriguez hit the Denver food scene in 1998 after moving from Chihauhua, Mexico. A career fueled by passion and dedication, Rodriguez started as a dishwasher for a restaurant on Larimer Street and worked her way up to the James Beard-nominated chef the city knows and loves today.

There are layers to the triumph of Cantina Loca’s opening.

A follow up to the wildly popular Work and Class and Super Mega Bien, this is Rodriguez’s first solo project.

It also will serve as the perfect place to showcase her tequila and mezcal brand, Doña Loca. Inventive spirits and cocktails from expert bartenders are a promise.

Then there comes the layer of triumph of the restaurant opening in the Covid era. In the height of the pandemic, Rodriguez went on record to detail the heartache and anguish restaurant owners and employees were experiencing.

To be hit as hard as her industry was and to rise up and refuse defeat is perhaps the most exhilarating message this opening can send.

We are confident that Cantina Loca will enhance the already sparkling reputation of Dana Rodriguez and the Denver food scene, and we cannot wait for you to experience the one, the only, the loca.

Experience Cantina Loca as a guest of Zuni Lofts and receive 10% food and beverage. Interested? View all of our luxury vacation rental hotel lofts and book your next stay!


Raetta Holdman, CBS Denver. “Who is Dana Rodriguez, The Chef who Aims to Elevate The Food at Casa Bonita?” December 6, 2021.

Alan Gionet, CBS Denver. “‘Inside, We’re Dying’: Denver Restaurant Owner Battles COVID & Mental Anguish” December 19, 2021.

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Le Labo & Public Goods For Your Vacation Rental Guests

Vacation rentals in Lower Highlands (LoHi) Denver that provide fine bath products & consumables to enhance guest stays.

Intentional. Informational. Impactful.

These are just a few commonalities Effortless Rental Group shares with our partners at Le Labo and Public Goods.

Here at Effortless, we are constantly working to level up the guest experience. Every opportunity is met with an abundance of consideration and a thorough assessment to determine if it will do just that.

When today’s partnerships were yesterday’s prospects, the same due diligence was put forth; yet, the decision to join forces with both was a no-brainer.

There is a worldwide emphasis on sustainability in today’s consumer culture. A 2021 study revealed over one-third of global consumers were willing to pay more for sustainable products. This demand has many companies scrambling to catch up with companies that know sustainability is not trendy, but timeless – companies like Le Labo and Public Goods.

Le Labo

Bath products for Vacation Rental Guests staying with Effortless Stay at Zuni Street Lofts

Often described as “intoxicating,” Le Labo’s collection of pure, clean fragrances lend themselves to artful irony and the joy of being pleasantly surprised.

Founded in 2006 by Fabrice Penot and Eddie Rosch, their manifesto states the soul of a fragrance comes from the intention with which it is created and the attention with which it is prepared. 

Their intention to create soulful fragrances and evoke emotion through the sense of smell was elevated by the attention towards clean ingredients and ethical preparation. All products are free of parabens, preservatives, coloration, and animal products/testing.

When our guests are greeted with Le Labo’s sensorial bath products, they know Effortless Stay & Zuni Lofts put their wellness above all. Plant-based, genderless, claimless, cruelty-free products that make you feel good and smell amazing.

The unique, sensorial adventures when in Colorado should be boundless – the sight of fresh snow caps on mountain peaks, the taste of crisp local brews, the sound of your favorite song played live at Red Rocks. Let Effortless Stay & Zuni Street Lofts contribute to your sensational experience. While you’re here, you can even check out one of Le Labos’ exclusive locations.

Public Goods

Products for Vacation Rental Guests staying with Effortless Stay at Espadín LoHi

Founded in 2017 on the pillars of simplicity, sustainability, and affordability, Public Goods aims to empower consumers by “providing healthier, more informed choices easy and accessible to all.”

Public Goods provides online storefronts that align with an individual’s needs, along with a wholesale option for businesses or groups in need of products in bulk. No matter the quantity of the product purchased, the quality of the experience from start to finish ensures satisfaction and proves to be a cure for consumer fatigue.

Sustainability is achieved in each stage of the supply chain. Production highlights include bottles made from sugarcane, biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic, and tree-free paper products. For every order placed, a tree is planted, making every shipment carbon offset.

Chris Beens, Head of Partnerships at Public Goods, understands the importance of product diversity and design, which is crucial to Effortless’s mission to make all guests experience one without compromise.

Products are made with ingredients that any guest can use. All products are designed to enhance the space they are in, not detract from it. The wide array of essential products that are already available is expected to get even more comprehensive.

Effortless understands the modern-day traveler’s sacrifice of leaving pieces of home behind and alleviates it by placing Public Goods products in every property. You’ll never feel like you’re living without at an Effortless Stay at Espadin LoHi – you may even find a new favorite essential to introduce to your home.

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Zuni Street Lofts is now booking!

Effortless Rental Group is proud to announce the latest partnership with the Zuni Street Lofts.

At Zuni Street Lofts, guests are not simply welcomed to the community – they are welcomed into it. This partnership was founded on intention and a steadfast commitment to making a positive impact – and we’re only getting started.

Travelers will experience premium service and features during their stay, as each loft unit comes equipped with fully stocked, designer-grade kitchens and spacious living spaces, with floor-to-ceiling windows and some of the best views in Denver.

While guests may come for the exclusive features, its elements of inclusivity will truly make their stay. A collaboration with local artists is reflected in decor and design representative of the sensational, creative energy of the city.

A seamless introduction into the community starts with every loft’s unique design, with each unit representing a different small Denver business. Along with an immediate connection to the community, Zuni Street Loft’s local partnerships encourage travelers to reap the benefits of shopping local through discounts and promo codes for food, drinks, wellness, art, and more.

The Espadín’s location is one of the many reasons that makes it the hottest place to stay in Denver. LoHi (Lower Highlands) is an eclectic mix of sleek, ultra-modern, and classic Denver Victorian architecture, LoHi is as vibrant and lively as its residents and the community. This dynamic Denver neighborhood is known for its walkability and some of the best locally-owned restaurants, fitness studios, cafes, boutiques, and much more.

At the Zuni Street Lofts, guests rest easy knowing that “stay” and “sustain” are one and the same. That’s because Zuni Street Lofts is committed to being an eco-friendly, sustainable space to ensure minimal impact on the planet and the community. Part of Zuni Street Lofts commitment to the planet includes zero single-use plastics, solar power generation, and EV charging stations. Underlying all design decisions is a sensitivity to the environment and a goal of attaining LEED Platinum accreditation. Innovation never looked so green.

Whether their phone eats first or not, guests will have flavor at their fingertips at Catina Loca*OPENING FALL 2021

“Serving up authentic Mexico City street food, the best mezcals and tequilas in the game, and just the right amount of loca for your boca.”


Female-owned and operated by award-winning chef and notorious local tastemakers and pacemakers, Dana Rodriguez and Dana Macfarlane. Taco ’bout a Denver hospitality dynasty!

Interested in learning more about Dana’s spirit line of Mezcal? See 5280’s feature here.

We couldn’t be more excited to share our thriving community with you, and with that, we welcome you to the Zuni Street Lofts and into so much more.

Interested in staying at Zuni Street Lofts? Click here to book.

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Homes & Villas by Marriott International

We’re extremely excited to announce that qualifying premium & luxury Effortless Rental Group vacation rentals are now available on Homes & Villas by Marriott International.

What is Homes & Villas by Marriott International?

Homes & Villas by Marriott International is a home rental offering from Marriott International, comprised of a curated selection of premium and luxury rental homes cared for by a select group of professional management companies.

At its core, Homes & Villas by Marriott International provides consistency and quality, evaporating the anxiety currently associated with choosing home accommodation and giving guests the space and amenities of a home backed by a trusted travel company with the very best in loyalty benefits.

What does it mean that Effortless Rental Group’s homes are featured on Homes & Villas by Marriott International?

Effortless Rental Group is one of the select professional property management companies who have been vetted and approved to feature their homes on the Homes & Villas platform. This gives Effortless Rental Group and their homeowners, access to the following:

  • Marriott’s 145M+ Marriott Bonvoy™ Members
  • Marriott’s distribution channels and marketing opportunities
  • Brand affiliation with Marriott – if a house qualifies for the Homes & Villas by Marriott International program, that indicates a certain level of safety security and design
  • Homes will have a more significant presence on our site as opposed to others, due to the number of homes we curate per destination.
  • Property performance data and, if need be, guidance on property improvement plans

How can I see if my home would fit into HVMI?

Before you can join Homes & Villas by Marriott International, you have to be managed by one of their select professional property management companies – like Effortless Rental Group! Effortless Rental Group is well-versed in the type of homes that are likely to be accepted into the program and can discuss the potential fit of your home with you.

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Mile High Hosts & COVID Resources

The Mile High Host community is made up of a wide variety of individuals, from a host renting a room in their house to Realtors wanting to keep up on the latest short-term rental regulations and property managers managing numerous properties throughout the city.  We want to provide resources to help you navigate these rapidly changing times.

Coronavirus Survival Kit for STR Hosts: 

Industry experts, Jasper Ribbers and Eric Moeller have put together a tool kit for individuals hosts.  They gathered tips, tricks, tools and resources to save you time and help your STR business survive.

The kit is designed to help you:

  • Survive and thrive through this crisis
  • Maintain occupancy
  • Stay in business
  • Prepare for the opportunities that will come

This kit is only $7 to download and jam-packed with helpful information and resources.

VRMA COVID-19 Resources:

While VRMA is an organization geared toward the professional short-term rental property manager, they have compiled helpful information and resources to navigate the uncertain time ahead.

Click here to view the massive list of resources they’ve compiled.

Support Local:

When all else fails and you need to blow off some steam, keep in mind that you can support your local restaurants and order cocktails to go.  Westword put together a piece highlighting which restaurants are serving craft cocktails to go. One trend that has emerged from this pandemic is the proliferation of virtual happy hours — we truly are a species that thrives off of human connection.  Cheers!

Here are a handful of additional articles and local resources:

Airbnb News Effortless Rental Group News Rules & Regulations Travel

Airbnb’s Brian Chesky – “We want to fix this.”

Image: Yahoo Finance

On the afternoon of March 30th, the CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, conducted a live stream for the hosting community.  Here is a summary of what Brian said:

  • Travel is at an all-time low
  • Recognition and apology that Airbnb has drifted from the host-focus it was created on
  • COVID-19 cancellation policy was set for the sake of public health. He apologizes for not consulting hosts (violation of partnership)

Actions going forward:

  • Extenuating circumstance policy – established a $250 million fund to pay hosts 25% of canceled booking. Retroactive to March 14. Cancellations before March 14 will be based on host cancellation policy
  • Establishment of $5000 grants for Superhosts and Experience Leaders up to a total of $10 million coming early April
  • Previous guests will be able to send messages and donations directly to hosts. Expected effective date: early April
  • For USA hosts only: COVID-19 stimulus bill allows Airbnb hosts to be eligible for SBA loans and grants, as well as unemployment benefits

You can view the message and read the details here.