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Denver STRAC Meetings – Make Your Voice Heard!

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3 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard and show how short-term rentals help support our families, jobs, local neighborhood businesses, and the City’s growth.

#1) Attend and speak at the next STRAC meeting:  
There are opportunities for public comment at these meetings and it is important for your voice to be heard.

Upcoming STRAC (Short-Term Rental Advisory Committee) Meetings:

  • Tuesday, April 14
  • Tuesday, June 9
  • Tuesday, August 11
  • Tuesday, October 13
  • Tuesday, December 8

#2) Speak at City Council Meetings:
Denver City Council meetings take place twice a month on the first and third Monday.  Each speaker gets 3 minutes to speak.  All details can be found here.  If you are interested in learning more and getting involved please email

#3) Schedule Coffee with your City Council Member:
Email and we will help you schedule a 1:1 appointment with your city council member.  They are happy to meet with you as this is part of their responsibility as representatives of us all.

Best Practice Tips for Hosts: Talk To Your Neighbors

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Tell your neighbors you’re operating a short-term rental at your property while away and give them a number to call if any problems or concerns arise. 311 is not currently routing calls to hosts so this helps until a better solution can be put into practice.

Airbnb provides the below guide. Click the image to enlarge the copy.

Local Business Spotlight: Joyful Soul

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A Story of Economic Success

Joyful Soul
Owner: Kayla Darling
Year opened: 2017
Number of employees: 12

Denver is home to some incredible vendors who work hard to ensure that home-sharing can be an excellent experience for hosts, guests and the community at large. One of the key players in your home-sharing success is the cleaning company you choose to hire. Joyful Soul Cleaning mainly employs single mothers.  Their team is skillfully trained to pay attention to the unique details of your property, send you important reports as well as make your home beautifully guest-ready. Joyful Soul Cleaning’s hard work is reflected in the 5-star reviews they consistently help to generate for their customers’ listings.

Airbnb Bans House Parties

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A Step in the Right Direction

Since conception in 2008, Airbnb properties have taken on many shapes and sizes, from renting an air mattress on a living room floor to full homes that can sleep large groups. More recently the talk of the town has been ‘party houses’, which have unfortunately been the scene of open-invite parties and gun violence.

In response to these recent events, including deadly shootings in other cities, Airbnb announced at the end of last year that they would be banning party houses including parties in condos and apartments. Airbnb has created a Neighborhood Support site with contact info to report parties or disturbances: Additionally, Airbnb says it’s opening a dedicated hotline for mayors and city officials. We are eager to see these steps taken in order to protect not only our guests and hosting community, but our city at large.

Short-Term Rental Concerns & Complaints – Developing an Effective System

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Functional Complaints for a Functional System!

Before changes to the current definition of primary residence are put into place, why not focus on creating a system to service concerns and complaints effectively? The current system is broken.

When a neighbor calls 311 to file a complaint, it’s logged but isn’t communicated to the license holder, host or property manager. Imagine a world where a host recieves a text notification and email when a complaint is filed against their property. The host could immediately address the issue and make adjustments to the house rules/quiet hours, etc. If the issue is noise levels, they could install a decibel reader system like NoiseAware or Minut to send a notification when noise levels surpass the set threshold. This technology should be mandatory.

Complaints in 2019 equated to less than .01 percent of total reservations that took place in Denver.


The complaint system could be streamlined for the benefit of all parties:

  • Formal Complaint System (with direct notification to host/property manager)
  • 3 strike policy (loss of license for 6 months)
  • Noise Monitoring Device – mandatory
  • Require upgraded, larger trash bins
  • Designated Parking

Lend an E.A.R. – Best Practices Tips for Hosts

The best way to get ahead of a problem is to address it head-on.  At the Good Neighbor Summit, David Pardo introduced the “Lend an EAR” approach to having difficult conversations with our neighbors when using our homes as a short-term rental.

  • E – Engage your neighbors in person or by mail letting them know what you’re doing and build confidence that you will be a responsible host.
  • A – Address common concerns such as trash, noise and parking.  Explain to them you are aware of these potential problems and you’re already prepared so they do not become an issue down the road — ask them to let you know if any concerns arise down the road
  • R – Resolve Issues – Find Solutions is a free resource for Denver citizens if they are unable to resolve concerns on their own, in a safe and productive environment
If you’d like to learn more about this free resource visit:
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Booking Sites: How They Benefit Your Vacation Rental Property

Maximize your vacation rental property

A vacation rental property can be a great financial investment and can grow your wealth significantly. Like any business though, your profits will depend heavily on your ability to keep your rental property booked. Booking sites benefit your vacation rental property by allowing you to reach a larger audience and automating the booking process. You can have your property listed on every booking site online by listing your property with Effortless Rental Group. We harness the power of every booking site from Airbnb to Expedia to maximize your vacation rental property.

Put your property in front of millions of users.

The popularity of booking sites for short-term rentals has grown increasingly over the past few years. Sites like Expedia and Airbnb allow millions of hosts and guests connect now easier than ever. According to iPropertyManagement, there are over 150 million Airbnb users worldwide. VRBO/HomeAway boast 40 million monthly users, and Expedia boasts 37 million rewards members worldwide. Effortless Rental Group places your site on those and more to ensure that your property is seen.

Automate the renting process

Apart from advertising your property to millions of users, booking sites benefit your vacation rental property by automating the process of booking guests and receiving payments. The time you save by not having to micromanage your property allows you to spend time growing your business in other ways.

Booking sites have cornered the market on vacation rental properties. The return on investment from posting your property on booking sites exceeds the ROI from traditional listing sites like the local paper or Craigslist. Your listing reaches millions of users and automates many of the administrative processes. Anything that saves you time and money will benefit your vacation rental property. Effortless Rental Group can maximize your vacation rental property