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An effortless
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We offer seamless onboarding for every vacation rental. Get your vacation rental guest-ready, & live in just a few weeks’ time!

The Effortless Onboarding Process

✓  Perform property walk-through with Effortless’s 100-point checklist

✓  Outline cleaning procedures and property recommendations

✓  Clean, stage and take professional photos

✓  Final property walkthrough & guest-ready prep

✓  Optimize property listings on booking platforms


Have questions about having Effortless manage your property?

Get answers to all of our commonly asked questions here. For additional questions, please use our chat widget or call us directly at 720.475.1486.

Lead time—3 weeks on average.

Never hosted before? No problem! ERG ensures you have a listing built to maximize revenue. ERG will curate a listing for you, first on Airbnb. Once approved by ERG and client, a full integration with our channel management services takes place and we’ll propagate your listing to all requested channels (rates, availabilities, properties descriptions, photography, etc).

Onboarding time is subject to client’s completion of the Property Information Form, walk-through checklist (performed by ERG), size of the property and essential supplies needed, current STR license status, and custom requests such as interior design, amenity upgrades, and maintenance.

Lead time—2 weeks on average.

If you already have an Airbnb, great! We have direct API access and channel management systems that can get your account connected within minutes!

ERG will swap out credentials on your Airbnb account and merge with our master ERG Airbnb. Your listing ID will be retained. Rates, availabilities, and listing content will be altered based upon ERG’s pricing tools and processes.

After ERG makes the initial connection with your Airbnb listing, we’ll use our channel management tools to export your listings out to other requested platform channels.

Onboarding time is subject to client’s completion of the Property Information Form, walk-through checklist (performed by ERG), size of the property and essential supplies needed, current STR license status, accommodating pre-existing reservations, and custom requests such as interior design, amenity upgrades, and maintenance.

Effortless has a large toolbox it uses to set rates across different listings, platforms, and markets.

We use industry data, custom algorithms, multiple 3rd party integrations and forecasting models to set pricing. Additionally, we have a dedicated Revenue Management team and believes that the human element and data work side-by-side to boost revenue for owners.

Yes, we do supply standard items included in a monthly restock fee. These items include such things as paper goods, ground coffee, personal hygiene products, dish and laundry soap, trash bags, etc.

Lawn services: No. We recommend setting this service up with your preferred vendor so they understand the specifics of your property.

Snow removal: Varies by location, but we do advise having your own vendor.

No. These requirements can vary from city to city so please be sure to inquire for more details during the sales & onboarding processes.

Rarely. We will need their portfolio or website/etc in order to gain internal approval. We do use specific photographers that match our desired ‘style’.

We work with several designers and will be more than happy to connect you with the best designer for your space.

Typically no. Due to extra wear & tear on your home we typically advise against this, however, if you would like to go this route please let us know & we will always advise what’s best for you & your property. ***Service animals MUST be allowed due to federal guidelines.***

No (except for Winter Park). All property owners are required to 

Yes. Effortless has guidelines and this varies by the city & type of property so please let us know if there are specific ranges you would like to discuss.

Every space is professionally cleaned & disinfected after each guest. We follow strict VRMA & VRHP guidelines. For more information on vacation rental cleaning standards, visit VRMA/VRHP’s website here. Additionally, we regularly inspect properties and maintain rigorous standards in upkeep & maintenance.

Rare amenities are a great selling point but wear, tear & breakage should be expected. Unfortunately, it’s a part of renting, and items will occasionally need replacing. So if you’d be sad never seeing it again, we suggest you set it aside with your other belongings.

Yes. Effortless requires our cleaners to do a deep cleaning of the home & the cleaners will touch almost every square inch of the unit. This helps to ensure the unit is starting rentals at Effortless’ standards & enables us to hold the cleaners accountable for any cleaning issue a guest may have.

Yes. It’s much better to be transparent, and highly recommend contacting your surrounding neighbors and providing them with our contact details. Your onboarding team will be able to supply you with business cards to pass out. *We do have partnerships for decibel monitoring devices that greatly aid in noise complaints from your neighbors. So be sure to inquire about these devices during the sales & onboarding phases.

Our COVID-19 response

We're adhering to all guidelines

Effortless Rental Group is using the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professional (VRHP) and Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) recommendations for all existing cleaning programs. These protocols follow CDC & WHO guidelines in addition to more rigorous sanitation specific to short-term rental properties.

Regulations & Safety

Effortless Stay believes in safe & responsible travel and we’re following all recommended procedures by the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local governments. As community advocates & hospitality providers, Effortless has a pulse on all COVID-19 related industry news and we adjust processes to align with changes as they arise.


Effortless Stay understands the need for increased flexibility in travel planning. And we’re working diligently with all guests to resolve reservation issues that arise. If you are a guest that booked with Effortless through Airbnb, VRBO or Expedia, please contact those platforms for reservation information and support. We respect every guest and appreciate your understanding as the current situation evolves. *Effortless Rental Group (ie. Effortless Stay) does not recommend leisure travel and every traveler should consult current local, state & federal regulations during travel and reservation check-in times.

Housekeeping & Sanitation

Effortless Stay provides all guests with safe & clean stays. Our practices & standards have been modified to include more in-depth, multi-point cleans after every guest checkout, ie., use of CDC compliant cleaning products, attention to high-touch surfaces and ‘hot-spots’ and social distancing. As always, we advise guests to practice hygenic vigilance when using rental properties (see: CDC Best Personal Practices).


Effortless Stay is actively working with homeowners to resolve present issues. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible. As travel behavior evolves, Effortless wants to assure all homeowners that we’re doing everything we can to make sure properties stay occupied while adhering to CDC and state-recommended guidelines. If you’re a client of Effortless Rental Group and have any questions, please reach out to your Client Relations Manager.