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3 Crucial Concerns for Short-Term Renting During Large Events

A group of vacationers have a casual get together at a short-term rental during a national event.

Massive events significantly impact short-term rental owners in an age when many consumers value experiences over possessions. Conventions, sports championships, and even natural phenomena like meteor showers and the northern lights are a huge draw for those hoping to witness something unforgettable. As such, it’s not a bad idea to pause to reflect on some of the things we need to consider when playing host to various enthusiasts.

Uphold Your Standards

Over the last decade, short-term rental owners and management teams have become highly professional. No longer are the days of posting a property online to lure would-be guests. With this newfound respectability, guests expect a higher standard—as they should. 

Maintaining a high level of quality and high-touch service is critical for every aspect of the guest experience, from bedding to amenities. Just because we allow people to hold gatherings doesn’t mean we’re providing a party house.

Set Firm Rules

Setting firm boundaries goes hand in hand with upholding high standards. Still, if you aren’t making those rules apparent, you’ll be sharing the blame for anything that may go wrong. Communicating the house rules is imperative for your property’s and guests’ safety. Make sure everyone reads and understands the regulations before stepping into the home.

Love Thy Neighbor

Rules and standards aren’t just for your benefit but also your neighbors. Large-ish gatherings can lead to elevated noise; understandably, the neighbors might be opposed to such an environment. Depending on your situation, providing your contact information for those living directly adjacent to the property might be beneficial. 

Let your neighbors know what you have in place to prevent an adverse situation and how you’ll take care of one if it arises. A noise monitor can help prevent things from escalating to a call from the neighbor.

Short-Term Rental Management by Effortless Rental Group

Being assertive about the standards of your property doesn’t mean you’re a killjoy. After all, a positive guest experience is paramount to our success. Still, protecting your business and your guests from an unnecessary mishap is an effective way to ensure the desired outcome for everyone. 

When you entrust your property with Effortless Rental Group, we’ll reinforce your standards and take the busy work out of ownership. Our hands-on approach is second to none, and we pride ourselves on delivering excellence to guests and owners alike.