Hosting Tips

Space-Saving Design Ideas for Small Properties

  1. Don’t waste the space under the stairs

Take advantage of this valuable (and often forgotten) space and add a few shelves or a cozy reading nook. Whatever you choose to create, keep it minimal and uncluttered with horizontal lines and neutral accents.


  1. Fold-down furniture is your friend

There’s a good reason the Murphy bed, originally invented in the early 1900’s, is making a comeback. Fold-down furniture like the Murphy bed allows for multi-functional rooms and creates a ton of extra floor space when not in use.


  1. Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Who’s the most space-savvy of them all? Mirrors enlarge any space by creating the illusion of depth. In general, the bigger, the better—opt for tall and wide mirrors over small mirrors or gallery arrangements, which will have the opposite effect.


  1. Area rugs suggest separate rooms

This is particularly true in studio apartments or in large spaces that are being used for two functions, like as both a living room and a dining area. Rugs in contrasting colors divide the space and designate each area for its intended purpose.


  1. Use expandable furniture whenever possible

Maximize your space by buying tables with slide-out or add-on segments to use only when you have guests over. Keep an eye out for pieces that have hidden storage compartments and a fold-out design like the table below—they’ll let you stash your stuff out of sight.


  1. Install shelves and furniture on the wall

If you haven’t jumped on the floating shelf train, get going. This popular design trend frees your floor from bulky and heavy pieces and adds a modern feel to your home. Consider mounting your desk or dining table on the wall to free up even more space.


  1. Keep things out of sight under the bed

Trust us—your dinner guests don’t need to see your flannel pajamas or your favorite moth-eaten sweater you can’t seem to throw away. Store seasonal items, shoes, or extra sheets under the bed instead. Get a bed with built-in storage or opt for some baskets to slide underneath the frame.