Hosting Tips

Is Your Property Guest-Ready?

The reason your guests are booking your property instead of a hotel is because they want to feel like they’re staying in a home. Make the most of your space and maximize your monthly income by fully stocking your space with everything your guests will need during their stay. We’ve compiled a list to get you started:


  • Pots and pans with lids
  • Cooking utensils: spatula, serving spoons, colander, cheese grater, etc.
  • Plates/bowls/glasses/silverware/mugs for 150% maximum capacity (if your property accommodates 6 people, you should have at least 9 plates, bowls, silverware sets, etc.)
  • Wine glasses
  • Wine key/corkscrew
  • Kitchen knives
  • Salt/pepper/olive oil
  • Coffee maker
  • Kitchen towels


  • Bathmat
  • Towels: 3 sets for each guest (bath towel, washcloth, hand towel)
  • Shower curtain for shower-rod setups
  • Squeegee for glass shower setups
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand soap


  • 2 full sets of sheets for each bed (1 on the bed, 1 for backup)
  • 2 duvet covers for each bed (1 on the bed, 1 for backup)
  • Mattress for each bed (pillow top recommended)
  • Mattress cover for each bed
  • Bedside table and lamp
  • Hangers


  • Couches (ideally with pullout mattress)
  • Television with cable
  • Coffee table


  • Vacuum
  • Broom & dustpan
  • Mop & bucket
  • Window covers (blinds, shades, etc.)
  • Cleaning products: paper towels, dish soap, dishwasher soap, sponges, glass cleaner
  • Extra light bulbs

This is a partial list and does not include décor or personal touches that make your property stand out from the rest.