Hosting Tips

How to Optimize Your Airbnb Listing

To get the maximum number of guests every month, you want to have engaging content and photos in your listing. Not only does this increase your likelihood of getting booked, it also adds to the total number of views on your listing, adding to the attractiveness of your property. We’ve come up with some tips below to make your listing the best it can be.

  1. Get a professional photographer

We’re all visual people, and we’re more likely to spend money on something when it’s presented attractively. Sure, you could snap some photos with your iPhone and call it a day, but your listing will look way more put together with professional photos. A photographer will be more knowledgeable about angles, lighting, and variation than you will—and it will show in the polished photos that emphasize the best features of your home.

  1. Write an attention-grabbing teaser

In the initial description, it’s better to focus on a couple awesome features of your home or neighborhood than to delve into a laundry list of reasons why someone should stay at your place. This is the first thing your potential guest will read, so make sure you know your audience. Is your place in the middle of the hottest stretch of bars and clubs in your city? Or in a super family-friendly area with a rec center and park across the street? Figure out who your home will appeal to most and use your teaser to reel them in.

  1. Think about the special features of your space

This is the section in which you should really go into detail about the unique parts of your home. Try to stay away from generic descriptions and really zone in on what makes your home special. Is there a reading nook with a great view? A tree-lined backyard perfect for kids? A rooftop hot tub? It’s always good to link these features with activities your potential guests could imagine themselves doing. For example, instead of just mentioning that there’s a large back deck, write that the back deck is a perfect place to unwind after a day of sightseeing. Zero in on a few of these features and your home will really come to life.

  1. Put some thought into the neighborhood section

One of the things that your potential guests will want most is to stay in an appealing area, whether that means they’re close to bars, in a quiet mountain setting, or in a suburban neighborhood safe for kids. Do a little research to find out what’s in your neighborhood. Maybe there’s a farmer’s market every Saturday that your guests would enjoy, or a coffee shop down the street that makes a great chai. It’s also good to mention any museums, historical sites, and concert venues in the immediate area.

  1. Don’t be afraid to set house rules

If your basement is off limits or your next-door neighbors are super sensitive to noise, let your guests know in the listing (and write it again somewhere in the house). The last thing you want is for there to be an issue because your guests say they didn’t know about your rules. Then if something does happen during their stay, you can refer back to your listing. It’s always good for you and your guests to be on the same page as early as possible—and putting your expectations into your listing guarantees that.