Hosting Tips

6 Simple Items to Add to Your Home for Happy Guests

There are tons of homes and apartments listed on Airbnb, but not all of them have owners that go the extra mile for their guests. Guests can tell when an owner puts time and energy into designing a space that fits their needs. Check out our list below for 6 items that can make your space stand out from all the rest.

  1. Guidebook to your city

Many of your guests will have never been to the city where you live, so it’s helpful for them to have a reference guide to the sights and spots they’ll want to check out. Throw in a couple maps for them to take with them on their adventures; although many younger guests will probably rely on their phones for navigation, older guests or those not particularly tech-savvy will appreciate the thought.

  1. Extra pillows and blankets

You don’t want cold guests. Make sure to have a heavy blanket (a down comforter or thick quilt) for each bed, along with several throw blankets for extra chilly nights or lounging on the couch. You do want guests to get a good night’s sleep. It’s not a bad idea to have a few extra pillows in the closet, of varying firmness, to make sure your guests sleep well and have the energy to explore the city, have a great trip, and write you a phenomenal review.

  1. Fresh flowers and plants

Your guests have chosen to stay at your place instead of a hotel or hostel. It’s nice to create a home-away-from-home atmosphere, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to add a couple of plants. They can be cut flowers in a vase in the living room, an orchid in the bedroom, even a cluster of succulents in the kitchen—just something to show your guests that the space is colorful and healthy.

  1. Your personal contact information

You’ve already provided this to your guests when they booked your property through Airbnb, but writing out your name and phone number somewhere in your home shows that you’re willing to help with anything that comes up during their stay. Hopefully nothing does—but seeing your contact info when they walk in will make your guests feel like you’re an attentive host who cares about their experience in your home.

  1. A (short) list of local restaurants and bars

Once again, your guests probably have extensive lists of where to dine, drink, and shop on their phones and computers, but it’s still a nice touch to pick out a few of your own favorite spots. Maybe there’s a local coffee shop that makes the best latte, or a steak joint that’s to die for right down the street. Let your guests know—they’ll appreciate it. A good place for this info is right next to your contact information.

  1. A special touch, like your favorite coffee from a local shop

This final item is more on the optional side, but going out of your way to pick up something (cheap) like a bag of coffee beans or a box of chocolates will make your guests remember their stay at your place. The most important thing is that your guests feel well taken care of, and a small unexpected gift sitting on the counter when they walk in is the easiest way to accomplish this.

Don’t spend a ton of money or go completely out of your way to find special items for each guest, but a little extra thought here and there will make your guests have a memorable experience staying at your place—and will make them more likely to stay at your home again in the future and recommend it to their friends.