Effortless Rental Group
Hosting vacation rentals on Booking.com

Leverage The Power Of Booking.com with Effortless Rental Group and advertise your property with more benefits than ever! Effortless Rental Group is now featured on Booking.com which means property owners and managers can ensure that their properties are even more visible — keeping all of your properties reserved and booked all year-round will now be easier than ever with integrated services!

Partnering with Booking.com combines our amazing staff’s knowledge and experience with over twenty-years of industry experience and continuous data-backed insights to provide enhanced visibility and support for all of our clients!

What does this mean for properties that are advertised with Effortless Rental Group?

Your properties are now more visible than ever and will appear on one of the largest booking sites on the web. This means that more future tenants than ever will now be able to view your properties and book them out!

Turn traffic into bookings! There are over 1.5 million (yes, you read that correctly) rooms being booked daily on Booking.com. That is because Booking.com’s highly optimized website is designed to maximize reservations and with your properties now listed, the increased volume of visitors is sure to keep your properties booked year-round.

Introducing your properties to a new customer base on the largest accommodation site in the world can only mean one thing for our clients: our properties will now reach even more potential guests than ever before.

Expert Marketing Strategies

Booking.com promotes properties on every search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo in over 43 languages to maximize your property’s potential. Additionally, all properties will be advertised on over 17,500 affiliated booking sites.

What other benefits does Booking.com offer?

Partnering with Booking.com not only means that your connected properties will be advertised to a large audience all year-round, but also provide more analytics and support!

Booking.com offers innovative  features and tools that allow you to grow your business without the added work! In addition, Booking.com offers around the clock support and access to analytics through the use of an API which means more data at your fingertips. With this added insight we will be able to see how your properties are performing so we can strategically plan how to take your properties to the next level.

Now with added support

Another great benefit of all Effortless Rental Group properties being featured on Booking.com is the added support that Booking.com provides us and our clients. On top of the excellent customer support that Effortless Rental Group offers our clients, all clients and properties will now have 24/7 over-the-phone or online support with some of the highest customer satisfaction.

Verified Guest Reviews

With verified guest reviews, we can now ensure that we allow your property to have honest and legitimate reviews from verified guests. This allows trustworthy reviews to add credibility to all of your properties while providing valuable insight on how we can improve the next guest’s experience.