Leverage The Power Of Expedia

Effortless Rental Group is featured on Expedia.com!

Leverage The Power Of Expedia with Effortless Rental Group. We have partnered with some of the most frequently used and popular travel booking sites on the web including Expedia.com.

Combining the knowledge and experience of our incredible staff with the extensive network and visibility that Expedia Group has means that keeping your rental properties booked all year-round is now easier than ever.

Expedia boasts over 25 years of experience providing travelers with flights and accomodations around the world. Our properties will be advertised across the world online and on their award winning app.

Reaching A Global Audience

By featuring our properties on Expedia we allow your property to be seen by over 75 Million monthly shoppers on over 200 travel booking sites across 75 countries and in 35 languages. Talk about expanding your target audience!

Increasing the visibility of your properties means that it will be easier to keep your properties booked even in “slow” seasons. Some properties have noted a 30% increase in traffic according to Expedia’s data. This means added revenue that would normally be missed out on!

What does this mean for properties that are advertised with Effortless Rental Group?

Your properties are now more visible than ever and will appear on one of the largest booking sites on the web. This means that more future tenants than ever will now be able to view your properties and book them out!

Introducing your properties to a new customer base on the largest accommodation site in the world can only mean one thing for our clients: our properties will now reach even more potential guests than ever before.

What other benefits does partnering with Expedia.com offer?

Enhanced Marketing Data

Expedia.com not only places your properties in front of millions of new customers, they provide important data that allows us to understand how your property is doing and how we can better manage it.

Additionally, Expedia.com tracks customer traffic to your properties, locations, and even customer behaviors such as cancelation rates and the duration of booking windows so that we  can ensure that your properties are booked with consistent and reliable travelers.

Now with added support

Another great benefit of all Effortless Rental Group properties being featured on Booking.com is the added support that Expedia.com provides us and our clients. On top of the excellent customer support that Effortless Rental Group offers our clients, all clients and properties will now have 24/7 over-the-phone or online support with some of the highest customer satisfaction. Expedia offers us local, multilingual support staff with the relevant knowledge to meet your business goals.

Verified Guest Reviews

With verified guest reviews, we can now ensure that we allow your property to have honest and legitimate reviews from verified guests. This allows trustworthy reviews to add credibility to all of your properties while providing valuable insight on how we can improve the next guest’s experience. Expedia.com provides over 40 million stay reviews and over 30 million real time reviews